Ice Cream & Other food Menu


  • 1 Scoop Cone/Tub £2.75
  • 2 Scoop Cone/Tub £3.95
  • 3 Scoop Cone/Tub £5.15
  • Children’s cone £2.00
  • Choc Dip Cones 40p
  • Flakes 25p
  • Fudge Sticks 25p

Other Food Menu

Please Make Staff Aware of Your Allergens When Ordering at The Till.



For today’s selection please see counter for choices and prices

Homemade Soup of Day with a roll £4.75


Toasties served with a side salad, coleslaw and crisps                                                                                                                £5.95

Toastie with Soup    (no roll)                                                              £9.25


Yorkshire Ham and Cheese

Cheese and Onion

Mature Cheddar and Red Onion Marmalade

Cheese and Tomato

Cheese and Elijah’s Yorkshire Chutney

Chutney & marmalade locally sourced from Raydale Preserves, Hawes

WAFFLES menu Sundae Menu
Very Berry Banana Split
Raspberries and Cream Ice Cream
accompanied with a selection of fruits, topped off with Whipped Cream
Banana slices with Ice cream of your choice,
topped off with raspberry coulis,
cream and a sprinkling of chocolate flake.
Small £6.50  2nd scoop of ice cream £1.50£6.25
Chocolate DreamHoneycomb Dream
Rich Chocolate Ice Cream with a hearty dollop of Nutella, accompanied with freshly sliced banana and whipped cream   Just Jersey and Honeycomb & Salted
Caramel Ice Cream, accompanied with fudge and cinder toffee pieces.
Topped off with whipped cream, and fudge sauce   
£6.50 2nd scoop of ice cream £1.50 £6.25
Chunky MonkeyStrawberry Shortcake                  
Salted Caramel Ice Cream with a drizzle of caramel sauce, accompanied with fudge pieces and whipped creamJust Jersey and Strawberry Ice Cream                                                     accompanied with butter shortbread.
Topped off with whipped cream,  strawberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles.
£6.50, 2nd scoop of ice cream £1.50£6.25
Smore for me  Sorbet Surprise
Just Jersey Ice Cream with a large helping of sprinkled Oreo’s and Chocolate Sauce,   accompanied with mini marshmallows and chocolate flakes.
Topped off with whipped cream
A selection of today’s sorbet (non-dairy)with summer fruit coulis and seasonal fruit.
£6.50, 2nd scoop of ice cream £1.50£6.25

New   – Buttermilk Stack Pancakes –

Regular Stack (5 pancakes)  £5.00          Small Stack (3 pancakes) £3.00

All Served with Maple Syrup

Add a scoop of ice cream for £1.50

Add hot berries or bananas £1.00

Tray bakes, Scones and Cakes

For Today’s selection please see counter for choices and prices.

Ice Creams & Sorbet


A selection of today’s sorbet (non-dairy) with summer fruit coulis and seasonal fruit


For special chocolate cones please add 30p.

1 scoop cone   £2.50                  1 Scoop Tub  £2.50

2 scoop cone   £3.75                  2 scoop tub  £3.75

3 scoop cone   £4.50                  3 scoop tub  £4.50

Children’s cone £2.00

Choc Dip Cones                                                                                     30p

Flakes                                                                                                       25p

Fudge Sticks                                                                                           25p

Ice Cream Shakes£3.50 (includes cream and mallows)

Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Malted Milk – All made with a scoop of our Just Jersey ice cream. £3.50