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Wensleydale Ice Cream - About Us

The History

The Harrison family are well and truly rooted in the Yorkshire Dales. For several hundred years the family have been farming in the Dales and, as a result of Adrian’s grandfather’s dream to provide each of his three sons with a farm, Adrian’s father Maurice moved from the family farm in Coverdale to Manor Farm, Thornton Rust in the 1960’s and the Harrison family have farmed there since.
Gill is also from a farming background.  A Weatherald before her marriage to Adrian in 1999, Gill’s grandfather Harry was the first farmer in Wensleydale to introduce ‘Black and White’ dairy cows to the dale where, up to that point, all farms were milking shorthorns.
Foot and Mouth and the devastation that surrounded it brought dramatic changes to the Harrisons farming circumstances. Having lost their whole milking herd due to the cull Adrian, understanding the need to introduce a positive element into the aftermath, became the first famer in the dale to introduce Jersey cows.

The Present
The volatility of dairy farming throughout the last 10 years, with the price of milk barely covering the cost of production Adrian and Gill have been forced to diversify to survive. 
Initially Gill used her background in business to successfully run a mail order gift company, bringing her office and store to the redeveloped Old Calf House on Manor Farm.  However, with the market for milk not adequately supporting the investment needed to produce it, Adrian and Gill realised that they needed to do something else to survive.
Using existing space in the Old Calf House, Gill’s business expertise and Adrian’s farming experience, they carefully planned their new joint venture.  Sharing the office space with Gill’s existing business and converting the store room to a production room their idea’s reached fruition and, in August 2012 Wensleydale Ice Cream was born.

In September 2019 our new Ice Cream Paerlour opened.

The Future
The Harrisons are a family of food lovers and to them quality is key.  Adrian’s mother, Anne Harrison, is a former hotelier, cookery teacher and is currently a leading member of the National Women’s Institute, being regularly invited to judge at events and competitions.
The multi award winning jersey herd, Hillside Jerseys, produce the milk for this delicious ice cream in the heart of Wensleydale.   Adrian has achieved the great accolade of being twice voted Yorkshire Herdsman of the Year.
Adrian and Gill have two children, Annabel  and Jamie.  They are the next generation of Harrison farmers and it is their hope that Wensleydale Ice Cream will form a major part of their future.
We sincerely hope that you find Wensleydale Ice Cream as good as we believe it to be and that the quality of the milk used and the production of the ice cream speaks for itself.

For more information on our award winning cattle please click here

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